Privacy Policy

Your privacy options, explained

This Privacy Policy explains what happens to the personal data you supply to Compton Valley Nursery and how we deal with in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data is information specific to you and your child and can include but is not limited to:

Or any other information that helps us care for your child appropriately.

This information has to accessible to our staff, who are trained and understand the importance of Data Protection but will not be given out to anyone except the parent of the child unless specified by you.

Our service online encourage users to post information, our website is public and we would encourage users not to post any private data in response to news items.

All of our information is securely stored and you have a right to view it at any time as well as an obligation to ensure your information is accurate and up to date. If you wish to do so please contact us in person at the nursery or write to us at:

Our website also tracks visitors and subscribers and may ask you log in this information will be security stored electronically. This information may be your name, email address cookies and IP address.


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To analyse our website performance we track information stored in cookies, most websites do this, and most browsers (ie Internet Explorer) automatically allows access. You can change your settings to disallow this with most browsers. The IP address is like a postcode to your computer it can be used to track demographics and block individual access.

Occasionally we will also post links to an external site for information, content of this website is beyond our control and for information purposes only. Care should be taken at all times when browsing the internet and if you have doubts don’t be afraid to ask.

Our facebook page is restricted to our selected Friends Of Compton Valley and information is only viewable by them. You can find out more on understanding facebook privacy.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding this you can speak with the nursery manager Merion or contact us.