Ofsted Outstanding

“A happy and friendly, yet calm atmosphere prevails in the nursery”

We are regularly assessed by Ofsted to ensure were in keeping with their standards, our latest inspection was 22nd July 2015, we recieved oustanding grade in all areas of provision, the third time we have achieved an oustanding grade.We are proud to show it off, so you can visit Ofsted and view our latest report . Because we achieved Oustanding we understand what is expected of childcare standards, as well as always looking to better ourselves and take on any feedback to help us continue to develop in accordance with the highest standards. Below is a summary of the key points from the Ofsted report.

Overall effectiveness of the early years provision

Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding.

Children thrive and make rapid progress in their learning and development. Their needs are exceptionally well met through the staff’s very strong engagement with parents and others. Comprehensive systems throughout the nursery safeguard and promote children’s welfare in an exemplary way. Overall, the nursery is extremely well-organised and makes excellent use of its resources. Overall, innovative systems are used to drive improvement. The nursery has an outstanding capacity to maintain excellent standards.

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision

Safeguarding children is given an exceptionally high priority. Staff undergo robust recruitment and vetting checks so their suitability is accurately assessed. Staff are highly qualified and they are well supported in maintaining further training, so skills and practice are continually developed. The inspiring leadership of the nursery team promotes a highly inclusive environment, where adults and children feel valued and respected.

This positive attitude threads throughout the nursery and staff embrace each individual’s unique needs. Staff enthusiastically create a happy and stimulating environment for all and are ambitious to maintain high standards. Feedback is gathered from parents and staff to help drive improvement. Engagement with parents is excellent as their views and personal needs are understood and appreciated. Parents share information about their children’s ever-changing interests and routines which helps staff adapt to their needs immediately. Parents hold the staff and the nursery in high esteem, and could not wish for anything better for their children.


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Excellent transition arrangements support children to move onto a different base room or on to school with ease and confidence. The nursery provides a rich and vibrant learning environment. Children are able to move throughout the nursery which promotes an inclusive and flexible approach where children organise and plan for their own learning. The free access to the garden and covered play space allows children to learn and explore according to their particular interests and learning styles.

The quality and standards of the early years provision and outcomes for children

Children are flourishing in this warm and welcoming environment. They play a full role in their learning and have established very close relationships with all the staff. They show great confidence and independence as they explore the enabling environment happily and with self-assurance. They show great respect for each other and behave with consideration and thoughtfulness, especially with younger children. Throughout the day all children can choose to play and learn in the fresh air, which benefits their health.

Children move safely on the climbing equipment and slide, developing control and balance. Children’s health is further promoted as they frequently help themselves to drinks and are provided with very nutritious and appealing foods. A well-balanced and varied menu is freshly prepared from local free-range products. This helps children to establish healthy eating habits. At meal times, children sit in sociable groups and eagerly serve themselves. These small groups promote children’s conversation skills very effectively as they chatter happily with their friends.

Children display extremely high levels of confidence and self-esteem. They independently set up their own resources and play cooperatively with each other.Children confidently develop skills for the future as they are adept at using the laptop to write and play games. Children’s learning and development is significantly enhanced by the methods used to observe and assess their progress and the excellent interaction of the staff.

An innovative computerised system holds all the details of every child’s learning interests, abilities and next steps. Each base room has their own interlinked computer where staff can instantly retrieve each child’s learning plans. This enables staff to be very well informed on how best they can support each child if they are working with them. This flexible approach helps children to make rapid progress in their learning.

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