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A role model at the table

I can’t cook, I don’t have time, and they don’t eat green food – All too common responses for a parent long since given up on healthy eating. Healthy food doesn’t take great skill, it doesn’t have to take hours and children are surprisingly open to new experiences, after all they are having them all the time. They often gauge an experience by the parents’ reaction, so one way to get children eating new or healthy foods is to engage them in the preparation, make it something exciting and keep upbeat throughout the process. Eating healthily yourself will also rub off long term with the children, you’re a role model even at the dinner table.

We encourage the children to get involved and understand food at every level of development. We grow vegetables, fruit and herbs on site and the children are encourage to plant the seeds and nurture their development. Then we involve different individuals every day with the preparation of the food, and the eating…what can be more inviting than something you have grown yourself?!

Food Resources

You may need to take some time to research healthy meals but there are so many, and they can take less time than banging some frozen food in the oven for 30 minutes. With a better understanding of food types you will be cooking quicker and creating meals of your own in no time. Here are some great online resources to get you started, it’s a simple of typing “healthy food recipe chicken” into Google:

BBC GoodFood – An easy to use website crammed with ideas, information and an excellent search which allows you to refine results by cooking time, difficulty, dietary requirements etc…

NHS – Offering practical understandings of food groups and tips on changing your lifestyle in minor ways for the better it has information we can all take on board. Don’t forget to take a look at the eatwell plate.

Schools Food Trust – A great resource on the guideline of what you should expect from food standards in Nurseries. As well as information and links on food. In particular we find Eat Better Start Better, Voluntary Food And Drink Guide, Nutrient Based Standards of particular interest.

Food In The Community

We want to hear from you! What recipes have your little ones woofed down in an instant? what new foods have you tried that they unexpectedly loved? What can I make tonight in half an hour from the following ingredients? We all love a challenge! Share it all on our facebook page…


Join in and become part of the community, we like to interact with you as much as possible (and through whatever means you would like) about your childs development.

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