Explaining Facebook

Why use facebook?

The Compton Valley Nursery Facebook page is provided for the Compton Valley Community. Only parents of children currently attending the nursery can view information that is posted on the Facebook page.

The Nursery Managers will update the content of the page with the following news:

Information about the development of the nursery

Reminders of events

News about activities that have been happening around the nursery

Photographs of the children

We feel this is a really great way for us to engage with you, for you to engage with us but also a way for you to engage with each other, and we would invite your thoughts and comments on our posts. We look forward to what you have to say. We want to encourage an active community between the parents of our children.

Security is often a concern with the internet and is very important for us, so we will explain how Facebook’s security settings work.

All of our personal content is completely private to anyone who has not been verified as a ‘friend’ of Compton Valley Nursery. To become our friend, you must have a child currently attending the nursery and then click ‘add friend’. Our Nursery Manager will first verify and authorise any request.

Once accepted you will be able to see our page, on it will be the latest news, pictures, comments and posts. You can interact with the entire Compton Valley Community by posting openly on any content or utilise the private messaging service to message us privately.  To maintain your privacy we ‘unfollow’ all members of the community so the statuses that you publish will not appear on our Facebook newsfeed.

If we have photos and videos to show you, that only relate to your child, we will share these with you via the Facebook private messaging service ‘Messenger’.  We find that parents really enjoy seeing these special nursery moments.


The content that you can see on the page are pictures of children where parents have agreed to allow us to publish photographs of them on our Facebook Community page.  However, we would appreciate your support in maintaining high standards of privacy, therefore please do not share any of the photos that are published on the Compton Valley Nursery page, via your own page.

Content Removal

Here at Compton Valley we aim to provide a healthy, caring, safe and stimulating learning environment for the children entrusted in our care, ensuring that their time with us is enjoyable and fun.

We don’t expect to have to enforce much moderation but we have to remove comments that:

Are inappropriate or abusive in any way

Do not show consideration for others privacy

Breach of copyright and fair use regulations

Spam – Any form of advertising repeatedly posted

Facebook is one of the most common ways people interact online, as a business to be able to engage on a personal level is very important to us. We have tried to explain Facebook so that you hopefully you don’t fear its accessibility but utilise its freedom.

Follow Our Feed

You can keep up to date with all the information around the nursery, by downloading an app that keeps you up to date with RSS feeds, its so simple.

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Facebook is a great way for us to contact you with you with information and general goings on around the nursery.

We love it when the parents find time to actively take part with comments and ideas.