Day to day at Compton Valley

We like to fill our days with innovative things for your child to do. We don’t have a rigid structure day to day as we encourage our children to move freely and interact with things that they feel like doing.  Our job then is to provide as many opportunities around the nursery to stimulate that learning, and we keep some structure through adult led activities and certain routines like lunchtime.

We have three rooms to separate the age groups and activities vary between each age group. But each room has its own access to the garden and at times we will encourage the children of all ages to interact with each other. We think it’s lovely watching them mingle, it creates a real community as all of the staff get to know all the different children from other age groups.


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We ensure age appropriate learning to correctly stimulate our children, each child is provided with a variety of fun objectives in line with the Early  Years Foundation Standards and of course our own high standards.

This can include: the freedom of singing and dancing, peaceful story time, enjoying key skills like maths, literacy, writing, language and phonics, playing individually or joining in circle time as a group, learning to experience the great outdoors and our beautiful countryside. We always plan adult led activities but like to treat all our children as individuals, allowing them to decide what they would like to do.

We aim to take into account every child’s needs, so the plan is always flexible to meet each child’s requirements. Your child may enjoy a nap at a certain time, and it’s by working with you that we can best understand and meet your child’s unique needs.

The children enjoy a healthy diet from our in house cooked and prepared, locally sourced food. The children are also encouraged to join in with the preparation of the food to help them understand and learn about healthy eating and they are always enjoying new experiences from our regularly changing menus. You can read more about our food, and food advice by clicking on the links.

Our Rooms

We seperate our children into the following care groups:

Ducklings – Baby Room: 3 months – 2 years

Squirrels – Toddler Room: 20 months – 3 years

Rabbits – Pre-School Room: 2 Years, 10 months – School Ready

Food Advice

There are a range of sources that can you make healthy changes to your childrens diet, they dont have to be expensive and you can involve your child.

if you find recipes that your kids love, share with us!

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